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As a queer filmmaker I focus on creating LGBTQ+ characters and storylines that are nuanced and realistic. I aim for positive representation and empowering narratives.

I want to portray people in a layered way, as they are, and I would like to show how liberating it is to think outside of gender boundaries. I feel a big responsibility to show independent and vulnerable characters with a focus on their strengths and flaws. People who are searching for their (gender) identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, following their own path with pride and self-love.

photos by Tengbeh Kamara

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I was raised in a small village in Limburg, in the South of The Netherlands. There was a lot of space to climb in trees and so I did. My ultimate power moment in my youth was the day a few kids came to my at the schoolyard to ask me to mediate a quarrel between to others. I still don't like injustice. 
When I was a teenager I took my parents' video camera and started directing documentaries. I found out about a school named the Film Academy and there my ultimate goal was set. 
Being gay in the early 00's in Limburg felt quite isolating. Luckily the computer was just invented. I spent my days becoming an expert in blogging on Tumblr and searching secret sapphic content on the internet.

Working and living in Amsterdam it all came together. I realized I could use my ambition in filmmaking to help others to be who they really are. And help the people remember to be kind to each other and our planet.

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I believe a creative process flows when everybody involved feels good. I see filmmaking as a team effort in which every team member can add something very valuable when you keep open to each other. 

I don't like strict and hierarchical rules. I don't like dominant people who aren't considerate of others. Every crew member is important to the project. I want everyone to treat each other with respect. 

I find it very important to create a safe space, for crew as well as cast. Acting or creating is a vulnerable process. I believe when everybody feels safe and free, we can work with our hearts, and that will definitely reflect onto the screen.   

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